Sunday, May 27, 2007

Warabi Mochi

Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I've been pretty busy. To make up for it, here is an extra-special foods post!

This is Warabi Mochi. It's one of my favorite Japanese sweets. Isn't it purty and traditional-looking, sitting there on the tatami?

How do you eat it? Well, first, you unwrap the package, then open the powder in the bottom packet and pour it into the dish, like so:

Oh - and don't forget to take the toothpick out first!
The brown powder is kinako - soybean powder - mixed with sugar. It's yummy! It reminds me a little of peanut butter.

Next, stick the toothpick into one of the mochi balls and roll it around in the kinako powder until it's completely coated.

The plain mochi balls are all right, but I think they're a little watery - they're made differently than regular mochi, and they have a weaker flavor. When covered with kinako powder, though, they're delicious!

...and that is how to eat warabi mochi. Yum!

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zirelda said...

Interesting looking food. You're sure that's food right? :) How cool.