Saturday, April 7, 2007

Koyaike Park

Yesterday after school I wandered over to Koyaike Park to take pictures. Someone had told me it was a good place to find cherry blossoms. They were wrong.

It was a good place to find birds though. Lots and lots of birds. In fact, so many birds that I worried about sanitation issues (for both the birds and the crowds of people hanging out in the park nearby...let's hope no one gets bird flu :p )

This was my favorite bird picture. Something startled a flock of pigeons, and I got my camera up just in time to catch the moment they all flew by me.

Pigeons were not actually the main avian species present, though. There were ducks and swans and herons and various other waterfowl in the big lake...the crows might have been the most numerous, though.

I will post more bird pictures later.

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