Sunday, April 22, 2007


So some of my friends were in Osaka for the weekend, and Saturday night I decided to stay with them at a capsule hotel. This is a hotel where your "room" is basically bunk bed size, with a screen over the entrance you can pull down for privacy. (As luck would have it, though, the beds capsules in the main women's dorm area were full by the time we got there, so for a few extra yen we got a private room with just four capsules - perfect for the four of us ^_^ )

Here's a shot of my capsule-bed area (I was on the can see part of another capsule below):

And here's the interior - complete with light, radio/alarm clock, and little cubby areas for personal belongings. There's also a little TV screen on the other end - you can see it in the first picture.

And just for fun - the capsule in use. I'm even wearing the hotel-provided PJs.

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