Thursday, March 1, 2007

I'm back!

It's late, so I'll make this quick. Here are pictures from my trip! I'll post five - one for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today; and one extra! :)

This is Mount Fuji, as seen from the window of the shinkansen (aka the bullet train)...along with a nice selection of industrial buildings.

Yokohama is home to the largest Chinatown in Japan. I went there on Monday night.

Also in Chinatown - kitties! I think I took almost as many pictures of cats as I did of Chinatown.

This is the famous Yokohama waterfront area. The building on the left is actually a hotel attached to the conference center where the seminars I was attending was held.
(Added bonus: though you can't see it, the clock on the ferris wheel says 9:21 - translated to months and days, that's my birthday! ...I stood in the cold for several minutes to get that...)

The plum trees are blooming! I took this picture on the way home from school today.

That's all for now!

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