Monday, July 9, 2007

Tanabata & 5000

Last weekend was the holiday Tanabata in Japan. Japanese people put up bamboo and hang fancy paper decorations on it. Then they write their wishes/hopes/dreams on pieces of paper and tie them to the bamboo.

In the basement of the Hep 5 department store in Osaka, they had one set up for the public to use. I wrote a wish down, too. Mine said "いいしごとをみつけるように".

I took a picture of the tree when I had finished. I tried to wait until the people left, but the longer I waited the more people came to write their wishes...

When I opened up this picture to send to my photo blog file, I noticed something. The filename my camera automatically assigned to this picture was DSC05000.

That means that this is officially the 5000th picture I've taken with my camera.

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